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UKSIMS.eu is brought to you by Transcom Telecom Ltd – a company established in 1997, to help the large growing Chinese community in the UK, with the cost of calling home using phone cards.

As time evolves, more and more migrant workers and students came to the UK, and so the calling card market grew at a phenomenal rate, calling rates tumbled as competition intensified. Around 2005 MVNO operators Lycamobile and Lebara Mobile entered the market with the sole aim of offering cheap international calls through the use of a SIM card. By 2008 all the UK Network operators such as Vodafone, O2 and T-Mobile etc decided that, they too want a slice of this market. As competition grew between them, the cost of calling overseas tumbled to as low as 1p per minute. So much so that, overseas calls became much cheaper than national calls. Making international calls using a SIM card have many advantages over the traditional calling card too. Not only does it not require entering a long PIN number, and incurring the cost of dialing a local access number. It is also more convenience and faster too.

At UKSIMS we make it much easier for you to get any UK SIM card, as highlighted in the Home Page. With the benefit of low cost international calls. It is like having two products in one.

We also offer top up vouchers for all the UK networks. So that as soon as you have received your sim card, you can buy voucher to top up your account. This means as soon as you land, you can call straight away.


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